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Ace Renewable Energy Ltd.Renewable Energy consultants. 075 43380925 or 01382 520 866 Architect & Renewable energy consultants.  

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The Green Deal scheme was introduced in October 2012 and is expected to become a very popular way of home and business owners affording energy home improvements.

By making simple adjustments such as double glazing installation, cavity wall insulation or a new boiler, properties can benefit from more efficient energy usage and retention.  

Green Deal advisors know everything you need to know about the scheme and can arrange an energy assessment of your property.  This will determine which improvements would be best for your specific needs.  Speak to our team today to book your appointment.  

Here are just some of the energy improvements we can assist with:

  • Glazing
  • Heating and hot water
  • Insulation
  • Solar energy

Green Deal Installer – Installation Services of the Highest Standard

After you get carried out an assessment of your property we will get to work on providing you with a cost effective quote.  Remember, you don’t need to find any money upfront as all costs are paid for through your monthly energy bills. 

Book Your Green Deal Advice report Assessment Now

It’s so easy to arrange your Green Deal assessment.  Simply contact an Green Deal advisor today to find out more about the scheme and how you could benefit.  Green Deal advisors and Green Deal installesr work as a team and will ensure you get the very best attention and service at all times.

Whether you need new double glazing, a new boiler or cavity wall insulation we are the Green Deal company to trust.  You can depend on our energy efficiency advice and our high levels of workmanship.  Our commitment to our customers is why we are an Green Deal company and we would be delighted to help you today.

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Energy News



For the average household using 15,000kWh of heat a year, the Renewable Heat Incentive could provide the following benefits if solar thermal panels and a biomass boiler were installed at the tariffs originally proposed:


13,700kWh of heat generated paying the homeowner £1,400 a year (the kW difference being made up through energy efficiency measures such as insulation)


Biomass fuel costs could be as much as £575 per year

Therefore the total annual benefit would be £825 per year


Old News.

Committee on Climate Change says the sooner the UK invests in low-carbon power generation the cheaper it will be Investing in new renewable power generation, rather than a "dash for gas"

Don't delay on renewable energy, government told...

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