Ace Renewable Energy Ltd. Renewable Energy consultants. 075 43380925 or 01382 520 866 Architect & Renewable energy consultants.
Ace Renewable Energy Ltd.Renewable Energy consultants. 075 43380925 or 01382 520 866 Architect & Renewable energy consultants.  

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Our design has now been accepted: in the competition for a major new building project, the tender was awarded to Acerenewables.

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For the average household using 15,000kWh of heat a year, the Renewable Heat Incentive could provide the following benefits if solar thermal panels and a biomass boiler were installed at the tariffs originally proposed:


13,700kWh of heat generated paying the homeowner £1,400 a year (the kW difference being made up through energy efficiency measures such as insulation)


Biomass fuel costs could be as much as £575 per year

Therefore the total annual benefit would be £825 per year


Old News.

Committee on Climate Change says the sooner the UK invests in low-carbon power generation the cheaper it will be Investing in new renewable power generation, rather than a "dash for gas"

Don't delay on renewable energy, government told...

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